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Welcome to Semaphore Simulations!


We’re Semaphore Simulations, a group of independent, freeware content creators for DTG’s Train Simulator. As a group, we produce reskin packs and scenarios, with some future routes currently in the pipeline as well! We'll be uploading all of our content to our site.


The first plans for Semaphore Simulations were originally discussed towards the end of 2018. At this point, it was only to include GenericTS, ACSim.UK and Morgan Bulb Studios to increase traffic to all of our content, as individually all of the sites performed rather poorly. Finally around July 2019, Semaphore Simulations was first created in the form of our Discord server (available here: https://discord.me/semaphoresimulations). This introduced us to lots of people who were interested in joining onto our then small group. This leads us to today, where our group now over 10 members and we’re always looking for more who want to join along!


Our current flagship content is the Class 158 Anglia Pack, which is available here on our website. This is a set of high quality fictional reskins that adds Anglian liveries of various eras onto the AP Cummins Class 158. Included with it is a full set of brand new destinations that are compatible with the Class 170. Post-release, it will be accompanied by a small scenario pack covering various routes that these trains would operate over. We’ll have more reskin packs coming out as time goes on from a variety of creators. We've also got several other reskins & reskin packs now available on the site covering various real/fictional skins.


We also have a large array of scenarios featuring a variety of routes, such as Liverpool to Manchester, North Wales Coastal & many others, which are available on the site. We also have an exclusive set of scenarios from GenericTS which forms “Project Rush Hour” featuring entirely fictional scenarios designed to push routes to their full capacity and introduce interesting services with a variety of rolling stock that would not happen in real life. These are all sorted on the site by the route that they cover, or the pack they're a part of if applicable.


We have several route ideas in the works, however these are currently all in such an early stage of development that we feel it’s best that we keep them private for now, as things are guaranteed to change on them. However, you will be able to see some screenshots from one of our route ideas around our Facebook Page and Discord server from time to time.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/semaphoresimulations/

Discord: https://discord.me/semaphoresimulations

Various liveries worn in our Class 158 Anglian Pack are shown off here on our heavily WIP route.

Our Team

You can contact any of us via Discord messaging through our usernames below, through the Semaphore Simulations Discord server or through our email address: info@semaphoresim.com


Site & Discord Manager

Reskin Creator

Discord: AltxCee#8593


Site & Discord Manager

Scenario & Route Creator

Discord: generic#9628

Josh C

Site & Discord Administrator

Reskin Creator

Discord: Minion_Josh_#8802


Discord Administrator

Reskin & Scenario Creator

Discord: Bsian#1803


Route & Scenario Creator

Discord: 317Dan#1080

Coastway Will

Scenario Creator

Discord: Coastway Will#9791


Scenario Creator

Discord: Rædwałd#2618

BW Scenarios

Scenario Creator

Discord: iAspex#0001


Scenario Creator

Discord: mat64#7788

Humberside Studios

Scenario Creator

Discord: Tom_NoMorePacers#1350

Dark Centurion

Scenario Creator

Discord: Dark_Centurion#0678


Reskin Creator

Discord: Gwyd#4016

Morgan Studios

Route & Scenario Creator

Discord: ExtraditiönTheörem#1337


Reskin Creator

Discord: PM Boris Johnson#8598


Reskin Creator

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