Chatham Main Line

6N53 - Teynham to Hoo Junction Up Yard

By 317Dan for London to Faversham High Speed

After some overnight engineering works, take a rake of empty wagons from the possession site back to Hoo Junction in 66238. It's a quiet Sunday morning so there's not many trains around.

  • Duration: 30 Minutes

1T91 - Maidstone West to St Pancras International

By GenericTS for London Victoria & St Pancras to Dover 2016

It's been a chaotic morning already across the Southeastern network, with several infrastructure failures and a unit failure causing widespread delays. You'll be trying to squeeze through the chaos with a Maidstone West to London St Pancras International morning peak service.

  • Duration: 65 Minutes

2K02 - London Victoria to Sheerness-on-Sea

By GenericTS for London Victoria & St Pancras to Faversham 2016

It's the start of the evening rush hour and as a result the lines are filled with trains carrying people back home from a day at work. An earlier unit failure means that your booked 466+465 set has been replaced by a single 375, however with several knock-on delays from earlier disruption, it won't be plain sailing.

  • Duration: 100 Minutes

2T10 - Strood to Paddock Wood

By Coastway Will for Chatham Main Line & Medway Valley Line

You'll be operating service 2T10 from Strood to Paddock Wood. Due to leaf fall coming earlier than expected, the timetable hasn't been adjusted to cope with your 375's wheelslip protection so the timings will be very tight.

  • Duration: 55 Minutes

1E65 - Rochester to Bedford

By mat64 for London Victoria & St Pancras to Faversham 2012

You are tasked this morning with the southernmost portion of 1E65, the rush-hour service from Rochester to Bedford via the Thameslink Core. It's a bit of a gloomy day, and there has been some disruption on-and-off on the Thameslink Core, but hopefully you'll make it in once piece. You'll be taking the service as far as Denmark Hill.

  • Duration: 55 Minutes

2T37 - Tonbridge to Gillingham

By mat64 for Chatham Main Line & Medway Valley Line

You'll be taking this final northbound Medway Valley service from Tonbridge through to Gillingham, calling just at Maidstone West, Strood (reverses), Rochester, Chatham & Gillingham before heading to the depot.

  • Duration: 60 Minutes