East Coast Main Line

1A65 - Hartlepool to York

By Dark Centurion for North East England

Semi-fictional. Drive Grand Central’s 43484 “Peter Fox” and 43423 “Valenta” from Hartlepool to York in this engaging scenario set in a world where Grand Central still operate High Speed Trains.

  • Duration: 76 Minutes

3C46 - Hornsey E.M.U.D. - London Kings Cross

By BW Scenarios for ECML South

​Take this 365 from Hornsey Depot to Kings Cross in preparation for its other service. It's a Sunday so there shouldn't be any issues on the line. Year: 2019

  • Duration: 20 Minutes

5X30 - London Kings Cross - Bounds Green TMD

By BW Scenarios for ECML South

​It's April 2019 and with the new 717's in passenger service, it's your job to take this 225 Set from here at Kings Cross to Bounds Green where it'll be able to go through necessary maintenance.

This set has been stabled here overnight so you'll have to set her up. Good luck! Year: 2019

  • Duration: 25 Minutes

1D01 - London Kings Cross to Leeds

By Morgan Bulb Studios for Leeds Lines & ECML Merge

Take 91132 from London Kings Cross in a two part scenario pack. In part 1, you will drive from London Kings Cross to Doncaster on 'The EastCoast Merge' calling at 6 stations along the section. In part 2, you'll continue the drive from Doncaster and taking the service to the end of the road at Leeds calling at 2 stations along the section.

  • Duration: Altogether: 155 Minutes.
    • Part 1: 120 Minutes
    • Part 2: 35 Minutes

6B46 - Oxwellmains Haul Waste to Powderhall Refuse Sidings

By 317Dan for Newcastle to Edinburgh

Being the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh produces a lot of household waste. Until late 2016, 'Binliner' trains were frequent between the loading point in Edinburgh at Powderhall, and the disposal location at Oxwellmains, on the banks of the North Sea.

  • Duration: 45 Minutes