2M51 - East Croydon to Shepherds Bush


During peak times, Southern run extra services along the West London Line, however these terminate at Shepherds Bush due to a lack of capacity up the West Coast Main Line. You'll be working this service from East Croydon to Shepherds Bush before running up to the reversing point where the train will work back toward East Croydon. Year: 2020. You'll be calling at: Selhurst (16:46), Thornton Heath (16:49), Norbury (16:52), Streatham Common (16:55), Balham (16:59), Clapham Junction (17:07), Imperial Wharf (17:12), West Brompton (17:15), Kensington Olympia (17:19), Shepherds Bush (17:22) before running ECS out to the Turnback Siding (17:28).


  • Danny's North London, Goblin & South London to Brighton

  • DTG Chatham Main Line

      • AP Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack

  • DTG Class 378

  • DTG Class 455/8

  • RSC Class 444 (2012)

  • RSC Portsmouth Direct Line (2009)

  • RSC South London Network

      • Superalbs Class 387 Gatwick Express reskin

  • Thomson Class 170

      • AP Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack

  • Thomson Class 455

      • VP Class 455 SWR Branding Pack

  • AP Sky/Weather Enhancement Pack

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Scenario produced by GenericTS