3Z56 - Shrewsbury Coleham Yard to Shrewsbury Coleham Yard


Drive through the darkness and chase the sunrise whilst driving Colas 56078 & 56105 on a RHTT circuit along the Welsh Marches Line. You will be reversing at Little Mill Junction and heading back toward Coleham Yard after this.


  • BMG Welsh Marches Line

  • DTG (IHH) BR Sectors Class 56

  • DTG Freightliner Class 66 V. 2.0

  • DTG EWS Class 67

  • DTG NSE Class 159

  • DTG Class 801 (comes with ECML South)

  • DTG South Wales Coastal

  • AP Wherry Lines

  • AP Class 56 Enhancement Pack

  • AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack

  • AP Class 158 (Perkins) Enhancement Pack

  • AP Class 170 Enhancement Pack

  • AP Class 175 Enhancement Pack

  • AP Class 150/2

  • JT Class 20 Advanced (for the RHTT wagons)

  • Oovee MJA wagons (comes with original DTG Freightliner Class 70)

  • Thomson Interactive Class 170

  • Lewis Clowes WMT & Ex-London Midland Class 170 reskin pack (available on ATS)

  • Superalbs GWR Class 800 reskin

  • Major Wales Design ex-ATW Class 150/2 reskin

  • Major Wales Design TFW Class 150/2 reskin

  • Major Wales Design TFW Class 158 reskin

  • Major Wales Design TFW Class 175 reskin

  • Major Wales Design Mk3 WAG set pack (requires the GEML Class 90, AP Class 90 & Mk3 DVT and AP Freightliner Class 90 pack)

Requirements marked as DTG are addons sold as DTG through Steam.

Requirements marked in bold are essential requirements. Italic requirements are not required but are recommended for the scenario to work properly or better immersion.

Scenario produced by 317Dan