Portsmouth Direct Line

2P07 - London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour

By 317Dan for Portsmouth Direct Line (2018)

Take SWR's 'Trainbow' Class 444 and a normal ex-SWT unit together on the first train of the day to Portsmouth, calling at nearly every station. The weather is miserable at the start, but the forecast predicts a sunny arrival into Portsmouth.

  • Duration: 165 minutes

2S17 - Portsmouth & Southsea to Littlehampton

By Coastway Will for Portsmouth Direct Line (2018)

Drive 313214 from Portsmouth to Warblington on a quiet afternoon. This should be a short and simple drive through Portsmouth and the surrounding area.

  • Duration: 30 minutes

2S02 - Littlehampton to Portsmouth Harbour

By GenericTS for Portsmouth Direct Line (2018)

You'll be taking this service on the final leg from Warblington to Portsmouth Harbour calling at all stations on the way. There's very little disruption about, so expect a nice clear run.

  • Duration: 25 minutes

2P05 - London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour

By MorganBulbStudios for Portsmouth Direct Line (2018)

Hello Driver! This morning you're on the first service of the day from Waterloo to Portsmouth harbour, today, this service is formed of a 5 Car Class 444, specifically 444014 you will be calling at most stops along the route. Good luck and have a good run!

  • Duration: 150 Minutes.

5E79 - Eastleigh to Guildford

By MorganBulbStudios for Portsmouth Direct Line (2018)

Hello Driver! Today you're taking 5E79, an ECS move along the Portsmouth Direct Route of which your traction for this service is a Class 221. It should be a relatively easy run due to the early nature, you will pass a few trains on the way up to Guildford

  • Duration: 40 Minutes