2B51 - Southampton Central to Bournemouth


It's a Tuesday evening during the COVID19 pandemic. Operating on the temporary July 2020 timetable, take 2B51 from Southampton to Bournemouth on a stopping service. It's rather quiet out on the line this evening so enjoy a speedy run. Set up the train before stopping at Totton (1900), Ashurst New Forest (1905), Brockenhurst (1914), Sway (1918), New Milton (1923), Hinton Admiral (1927) and Chistchurch (1932) before arriving into Bournemouth at 1938. Enjoy the run!


  • DTG Southampton to Bournemouth

  • DTG Portsmouth Direct Line 2018

  • RSC Class 70

  • RSC Class 159

      • AP Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack

  • JT Voyager Advanced 2019

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Scenario produced by Coastway Will